Angels’ Impact Across the U.S.

Tech-Angels is striving to improve the lives of thousands of elderly individuals across the United States. See below to learn more about some of our recent donations.


Donation to USS Indianapolis Survivor

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In April of 2021, Tech-Angels visited Florence, Arizona for a donation to a legendary survivor of the USS Indianapolis, Harpo Celaya. The Indianapolis was the famed ship that delivered the atomic bomb, however, on its return journey it was tragically torpedoed on July 30, 1945. The massive ship took only 12 minutes to sink, and the survivors of the wreckage had to survive for five days in the hypothermic water and shark attacks. Sadly, of the 1,195 men on the ship, only 316 survived. Tech-Angels helped Mr. Celaya, one of five remaining survivors, connect to his family through facetime for the first time via a donated iPad. Mr. Celaya had previously only had a flip phone and had never seen someone through a screen. We taught him how to use the iPad and he soon made his first call to his daughter in San Jose, California. We were glad to help and the look on his face when he saw his daughter and grandchildren made us very proud.

Donations to Veterans at an Oklahoma Veterans Home


On Christmas Eve 2021, Tech-Angels was able to visit the Veterans Nursing Home in Ardmore, Oklahoma where our grandparents live. We were able to donate devices to three war Veterans from Vietnam. These Veterans did not have access to technology devices, so they were overjoyed to be able to get on the internet, contact loved ones, find books to read and games to play. We helped these three heroes set up their new devices, get apps and discover all about the electronics in no time. As soon as we saw them smiling from joy, we knew that we had done our job well. They were grateful for our visit, and we were grateful to give back to our grandparents’ community in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Donations to Indian Nursing Homes across New Jersey


In 2021, after the height of the pandemic, Tech-Angels had the opportunity to visit Arista Care, an Indian Nursing Home in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The reason this visit was so special is because Arista Care is where our 98-year-old great grandmother, Prabha Parikh, lives. Our great grandmother (Moti Ba) was the inspiration for Tech-Angels, so we were grateful for the opportunity to visit her and donate over a dozen devices to this nursing home. Arista Care is part of a chain of over twelve different nursing homes around New Jersey and New York. Although we were not able to help the residents set up their devices due to Covid, we could only imagine their and their family members’ excitement when they are able to facetime each other. We were grateful for this wonderful opportunity to help the friends and acquaintances of our great-grandmother. 


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