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Our Mission

We seek to touch the lives of thousands of elderly individuals by empowering connectivity to loved ones through donated technology devices.


Reduce Social Isolation


Loneliness of seniors has been a huge problem during the pandemic. By staying more connected with family, loved ones, and the outside world, technology can reduce the social isolation felt by seniors. Technology devices and training is inaccessible to tens of thousands of seniors across the country.

Empower Greater Independence

2021-04-05 16.01.36.jpg

We’ve learned that one of the most feared things about become a senior citizen is losing your independence. Elderly people have to learn to rely on others to help them with activities they were accustomed to doing on their own. With all the apps available on tablets and cell phones, technology offers people the opportunity to do more on their own, like creating entertainment and managing their health and finances.

Decrease Electronic Waste


Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on electronic device purchases every year. We also buy new devices faster than we used to. Tens of thousands of pounds of electronics travel to landfills every year. Dead electronics are the country’s fastest-growing source of toxic waste recycled into the environment. Help reduce electronic waste by putting functioning devices to great use.


Get Involved

Help our elderly generation stay connected, laugh, and learn by providing donated technology devices.

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